Triumph and a fond fare well

Where has the time gone?  Not that long ago, I was wondering if I could keep up with the challenge of posting a photo every day in November.  It was one of my very first challenges, along with Blogging101.  Well, the time has flown.  I have posted a post every day, enjoyed every minute, met some great people, been inspired by some wonderful photography and have given myself a proverbial “kick up the bum” to stop procrastinating and to start doing.  So a huge thanks to Photo101 and Blogging U, along with all my new friends.  I shall keep following you and look forward to seeing where this takes us all.

One of my early posts was about my lovely spaniel Flynn who I lost recently.  Looking through my photos, I came across this one, taken one Christmas after he had spent a very happy few minutes “opening his pressies”.. Not easy when you have fur and claws rather than fingers..especially as I never spared the sellotape!  I think the look on his face was one of Triumph..and the chew bone was thoroughly enjoyed.

Flynn licking his lips in anticipation

Flynn licking his lips in anticipation


Bliss: A message to Flynn

Living on Exmoor, I have been lucky enough to share some time with my  Springer Spaniel , Flynn.  The times we spent walking on the moors were bliss.

Happiness in the form of a spaniel

Happiness in the form of a spaniel

A message to Flynn:

What a glorious dog you were, my boy Flynn.  Happy to see me arrive home, ecstatic when we leapt into the car for the short drive up to the moors.  Head through the window, wind blowing your ears back, desperate to get out.

As soon as the door was open, out you shot, chasing imaginary foes, scenting the ground.  Occasionally you managed to scare up a pheasant, or a deer but rabbits..oh yes, you did love rabbits.  Head buried as far as it would go in their burrows, snout covered with soil, but you never caught one.  Thank heavens, I am pretty sure neither of us would have known what to do with it.

Then down to the brook, the muddier the better, bringing me the largest stones you could find.  Not waiting for them to be thrown, but back in the water to find bigger and better ones, I don’t know why you did it, but we both enjoyed it.  Covered in mud, well, always you and occasionally me , we climbed back up to the car and headed home, tired, muddy and in your case pretty smelly..but  happy.

I miss those times Flynn,  I still walk there of course, I still enjoy the moors, the sounds and sights make me happy.  But oh, I miss those times.