The first really sharp frost of winter this morning reminded me that there are a few months of cold wet weather to come.  One the the greatest treasures for me after the bleak Winter days is to see the first snowdrops of the year.  They are such an affirmation of life and are often overlooked.  So for this photo, I gave them pride of place.


Harbingers of warmth and Spring

Harbingers of warmth and Spring

The Natural World

Well, I am totally spoilt for choice with this challenge!  Living on Exmoor , I am surrounding by glorious Nature every day.  Constantly changing with the seasons, constantly amazing me with new sights and sounds.


Last year I visited Prague for the first time.  What a lovely city!

prague boy and balloon

One of my impressions of the city was the wide streets ( boulevards? or is that too french?)

This photo is of a young boy clutching a balloon, happily running across the street.  I have to admit that

I cropped out his parents for more of a dramatic effect!