Triumph and a fond fare well

Where has the time gone?  Not that long ago, I was wondering if I could keep up with the challenge of posting a photo every day in November.  It was one of my very first challenges, along with Blogging101.  Well, the time has flown.  I have posted a post every day, enjoyed every minute, met some great people, been inspired by some wonderful photography and have given myself a proverbial “kick up the bum” to stop procrastinating and to start doing.  So a huge thanks to Photo101 and Blogging U, along with all my new friends.  I shall keep following you and look forward to seeing where this takes us all.

One of my early posts was about my lovely spaniel Flynn who I lost recently.  Looking through my photos, I came across this one, taken one Christmas after he had spent a very happy few minutes “opening his pressies”.. Not easy when you have fur and claws rather than fingers..especially as I never spared the sellotape!  I think the look on his face was one of Triumph..and the chew bone was thoroughly enjoyed.

Flynn licking his lips in anticipation

Flynn licking his lips in anticipation



I love glass!  But this is a different take on glass.  I noticed that some of our locals had been taking “pot shots” at some of the windows in an abandoned building.  I don’t like destruction, but I do like patterns!

Destruction..but pattern creation

Destruction..but pattern creation

The Leibster Award ~ Gob smacked!

Wow!  What can I say??  Just 23 days after starting my blog, the lovely Bethany and Cathy at Photography with Words have nominated this blog for a Leibster Award 😀  Thank you so much.

The award is for blogs with less than 500 followers and is designed to be passed on after answering a few questions, so as part of my Blogging101 challenge is to post something different from my normal posts, this fulfils two briefs 😀

1.) Why did you decide to start to blog?

To record my self imposed challenges which hopefully would motivate me to complete them and to help me take better photographs

2.)What is your favourite memory?

Too many to choose from,  favourite memories are made every day

3.) Who inspires you?

People who follow their dreams

4.) What is your current goal in life?

I have to pick one??

5.) How would you describe yourself?

Do you know that feeling you get when you go to bed after the house is cleaned, the washing up is put away and the cushions are plumped up?  Nope..neither do I 🙂

6.)How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood? well…talking of wood……

Esau Wood sawed wood.
Esau Wood would saw wood with a wood saw.
Esau’s wood saw would saw wood!
One day, Wood’s wood saw would saw no wood,
so Wood sought a wood saw that would.
Then, Wood saw a wood saw saw wood as no
wood saw Wood ever saw wood sawed wood.
So Wood sought the wood saw that sawed wood
as no wood saw Wood ever saw ever sawed.
Now Wood saws wood with the wood saw Wood
saw saw wood as no wood saw
Wood ever saw would wood saw wood.

7.) What do you do for Fun?

Anything creative, from drawing to gardening, design to reading, painting to photography

8.) What is your dream vacation?

Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights

9.) What is your favorite Quote?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist.”  Oscar Wilde

10.) Do you enjoy running a blog?

Absolutely loving it!

11.) What do you plan to do now?

Right now? Continuing drawing Christmas cards for one of my other personal challenges ( too many cards, too little time!!)

Now it’s time that I  nominate blogs that I think are fantastic, but they must have less than 500 followers. I hope you all check out each others blogs as well as finding blogs to nominate, answering the questions and helping to encourage other small but perfectly formed blogs



My Daily Visual

Crafty Lady in Combat Boots

A more Creative me

Peace of summer

Hudman Honey Farm




I had so  many other lovely blogs to choose from out there, but many of them already have way more than 500 people following them, loving the WordPress and blogging community 🙂


Challenge: Draw my Christmas Cards

One of the challenges I set myself for this year was to draw all my Christmas cards. Of course, it got to Novemeber when I realised that I really ought to start getting my act together..or else the 2014 challenge deadline would race past into 2015 and I would be scrabbling around to find cards to buy.

I have been doing quite well with the Blogging101 challenge and the Photo101 challenge, so this post with combine all three ( yes..I have made laziness into an art form!).

I think I have now completed 20 cards – and here is a gallery of some of them.  Just another 30 to go ( my deadline was 50 cards) so no time to hang around…:)


I walk a lot, enjoying the solitude of the moors in all seasons.  Normally, the nearest I come to “civilisation” is a keepers hut or a weather eroded wall.  This day I took a slightly different route and came across this bench under the trees.  No discernible path led to or from it, but I enjoyed a welcome break, surveying the moors.  I would love to know who put it there, but I suspect that, whoever did was also perfectly happy in their solitude

A welcome resting place

A welcome resting place


Last year I visited Prague for the first time.  What a lovely city!

prague boy and balloon

One of my impressions of the city was the wide streets ( boulevards? or is that too french?)

This photo is of a young boy clutching a balloon, happily running across the street.  I have to admit that

I cropped out his parents for more of a dramatic effect!