Luckily, somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered that a group of jellyfish were called a “Swarm”!

Sorry about the quality of the photo though!

Taken in one of the big hotels in Las Vegas, a swarm of jellyfish in a big glass jar.

The swarm

The swarm

Getting some Movement into my Moment

Not taken this year, but I was really pleased to get the movement of the snow through the solitary street light in my village.  I like snow, even though we can still get cut off for days here.

Wind swirling snow around the light

Wind swirling snow around the light

Hope that I have captured the movement in the moment 🙂

The Natural World

Well, I am totally spoilt for choice with this challenge!  Living on Exmoor , I am surrounding by glorious Nature every day.  Constantly changing with the seasons, constantly amazing me with new sights and sounds.


I live quite close to this iconic landmark.  Glastonbury Tor..legend has it that it is the famed land of Camelot.  Whenever I visit , there is always a sense of the mysterious.  It is difficult to take an original viewpoint as it has been photographed a million times, but a threatening sky and a bit of sepia processing hopefully gives a different take on it.



Challenge: Draw my Christmas Cards

One of the challenges I set myself for this year was to draw all my Christmas cards. Of course, it got to Novemeber when I realised that I really ought to start getting my act together..or else the 2014 challenge deadline would race past into 2015 and I would be scrabbling around to find cards to buy.

I have been doing quite well with the Blogging101 challenge and the Photo101 challenge, so this post with combine all three ( yes..I have made laziness into an art form!).

I think I have now completed 20 cards – and here is a gallery of some of them.  Just another 30 to go ( my deadline was 50 cards) so no time to hang around…:)