I live quite close to this iconic landmark.  Glastonbury Tor..legend has it that it is the famed land of Camelot.  Whenever I visit , there is always a sense of the mysterious.  It is difficult to take an original viewpoint as it has been photographed a million times, but a threatening sky and a bit of sepia processing hopefully gives a different take on it.




5 thoughts on “Landmark

  1. I love the way you used sepia – brings out the shapes and make it so much more mystical. Looking up the hill and the break in the clouds with the monotone gives it additional impact you might not see with color
    How lucky you are to live close. I hear the atmosphere is quite mysterious.


  2. Thank you, I am just trying out some very basic processing ideas and was pleased how this turned out, so I appreciate your comment. Yes, every time I visit it really does seem to be a very rare atmosphere, most people feel it even if they are total sceptics 🙂


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